Need to keep note of those campaign goals, vital clues, experience points, bags of treasure, favourite weapons, the layout of that never ending dungeon with monsters at every turn or a place to doodle while awaiting your turn?
A handy pocket sized notebook, approximately 10cm by 15cm in size with 48 'squared' pages perfect for any campaign in any universe. PCs and DMs can use them and even (cover your ears and look away) those who don't enjoy the rush of roleplaying can partake of this convenient tome for notes!
Yes only £3 for one notebook and that includes the postage! Orders can only be placed in the UK (for now) and if you'd like to purchase one please click on the link below.
Hey DM! Want to order more than one copy of the Adventurer's Notebook? Shop owners! Interested in ordering a few? Whoever you are if you'd like to buy more than one send me a message and I'll do my best to sort it out!
Thank you!