My Patreon supporters often give me some wonderful commissions and this one was so much fun. I used to play with my 'Eagle Eyes' Action Man as a kid, I got him and a tank for him to ride around in one Christmas I guess I was maybe 8? I don't recall, either way the Action Man line of toys was well known in our household. So when a supporter contacted me about creating a piece of art for a Mega-City One Judge Action Man I was more than happy to jump on board.

He's slowly made for his Action Man figure a great outfit based on the early designs for the comic book character from the comic 2000ad and he asked if I could paint an image roughly in the style of the packaging art that the figure came supplied in. 
A selection of original packaging that my art had to compliment.
I haven't drawn a Judge in a while but as the figure developed I was sent some great photographs for me to use as reference and I worked up some pencils for him to approve.
The finished model with mock box art featuring my painting. Photo and box are created by Steven Sterlacchini, crediting the original Judge Dredd creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra and everyone involved in bringing the project together.