Undead Pharaoh from the Servants of the Undead Pharaoh figure set.
I’ve known Paul Scott, co-owner with his brother Gary of Midlam Miniatures, for many years when he would create and sell his own comics and magazines at various conventions and shows. He’s been kind enough to support me and commission me a few times over those years including hiring me to create some character art for his board game ‘The Mad Monks of Bierbrau Monastery’.
Rough sketch and work in progress on the Undead Pharaoh.
Apart from running their shop in Pelaw near Gateshead in England they actively promote role playing and board games of all kinds and create a wide range of miniatures sought after by figure painters and collectors and for use with any product. They’ve found a lot of success with their unique miniatures by using the crowdfunding platform KickStarter to fund their enterprises and with that success they’ve been able to commission me to create some illustrations to accompany their range.
The Old Baron from The Ghosts of Midlam Manor figure set.
Nigella Lawless from the Halfling Wizards and Apprentices figure set.
A brief turning up from Midlam Miniatures is always welcome as generally they’ll want something illustrated that I’d enjoy painting and are really open to suggestions as to how make it come to life. Whether it’s an Undead Pharaoh, a happy Halfling or a nasty Father Grotmas, the mix of work and relaxed approach to it have made them a favourite for me.
Characters from the Cultists of the Kraken Lord figure set.
Pencils and work in progress from the Kraken Lord piece.
Father Grotmas, Midlam Miniatures Christmas Card.
Gromwell from the Common (or Garden) Gnomes figure set.